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Did you know that DestiMetrics…

DestiMetrics is the premier provider of lodging performance benchmarking to destination resorts throughout the United States. Relied upon for everything from tracking year-over-year performance and anticipating attraction sales to scheduling operational aspects, DestiMetrics' data give destination marketers, town councils, property managers and everyone in-between the information necessary to accurately evaluate the past and make smart, savvy decisions for the future. 

DestiMetrics' travel research programs for leisure destinations include three primary components: 

destination lodging performance measurement, market intelligence, and comparative evaluations.  Combined with DestiMetrics’ unique forward-looking reporting and inclusion of non-traditional lodging inventory, this information delivers one of the most comprehensive pictures of a destination’s performance available.



Specializes in non-hotel properties commonly found at mountain resorts and over 300 lodging properties from 17 western U.S. mountain destinations, 10 eastern U.S and Canadian destinations and 3 beach and golf destinations currently submit data to DestiMetrics.

Uniquely collects data for future months based on reservations on the books and provides a “crystal ball” for their clients and the best forecasting and budgeting tool available for destinations.

Is “in the know” by constantly monitoring travel trends and regional & national economic indicators that affect the resort industry and offers access to this data and analysis to subscribers.

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